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Queensland 4155

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Who We Are

We are Kiwi Fine Foods – Bringing you the Taste of Home

Australia maybe the lucky country, but Aotearoa will always be home. We are bred tough, we savour the smell of the crisp air whether it be tainted with the smells of a dairy shed or the Radiata Pines. We take pride when the “boys” play, that there is a sheep in (nearly) every backyard, in whitebait or duck season , a Taranaki gate, Olsen P or that our favourite footwear, are our redbands.

These all take us back there and reinforce a sense of pride. Let’s not forget the tastes of home.

Remember dunking a Griffins Gingernuts in your hot milo
L & P … it World famous in New Zealand,
Watties tomato sauce on a mince and cheese pie,
Chocolate Fish, Buzz Bars, Pineapple Lumps, We just do Choccies right!

Well you can get your taste of home at Kiwi Fine Foods and with our online shop you can get it delivered direct to your door.